Stamp Accessories

Ensure your stamp impressions are crisp and vibrant for years to come

Discover our comprehensive selection of stamp accessories designed to enhance your stamping experience and keep your stamps in optimal condition. From specialty inks and stamp pads to self-inking replacement cartridges, our stamp accessories are designed with quality and functionality in mind. Whether you need fresh ink for vivid impressions, or reliable stamp pads for consistent performance, our range of stamp accessories has you covered.

Key Features

  • Replacement Ink: Keep your stamps consistently inked with our high-quality and environmentally friendly replacement inks. Available in various colors and formulations, our inks are formulated for optimal adhesion and vibrant results. Whether you require water-based ink for standard use, fast drying ink for non-porous or glossy surfaces, or specialized ink for unique surfaces, our replacement ink ensures reliable and professional impressions.
  • Stamp Pads: Our stamp pads are essential for traditional rubber stamps. Available in a wide range of sizes and colors, these pads provide consistent and even ink distribution, resulting in clear and legible impressions. Made with premium materials, our stamp pads offer durability and long-lasting performance for frequent use.
  • Ink Cartridges: For self-inking stamps, our replacement ink cartridges provide a convenient solution for quick and mess-free re-inking. Simply replace the existing ink cartridge with a fresh one to ensure smooth and consistent stamping. Our ink cartridges are designed to fit specific stamp models, offering compatibility and easy installation.

Frequently Asked QuestionsStamp Accessories

How long does the replacement ink last?

The longevity of replacement ink depends on various factors, including the frequency of stamping, the size of the stamp impression, and the ink coverage per impression. Our replacement ink is formulated to provide a substantial number of impressions before requiring a refill.

Can I use replacement ink from other brands with my stamps?

While some stamps may be compatible with replacement ink from other brands, we recommend using ink specifically designed for your stamp model. Each type of stamp has different requirements in terms of ink formulation, viscosity, and compatibility. Using the correct ink ensures optimal performance and longevity of your stamps.

Can I re-ink my stamp pad instead of replacing it?

In most cases, stamp pads can be re-inked to extend their lifespan. We offer replacement ink bottles or ink refills specifically designed for our stamp pads. Follow the instructions provided with the refill ink to ensure proper re-inking of your stamp pad.

Can I use different colors of stamp pads with the same rubber stamp?

Yes! The same rubber stamp can be used with assorted stamp pad colors. This allows you to vary the imprint color for various occasions or purposes, without having to purchase multiple stamps. Be sure to clean your stamp when switching to a different ink pad color.

How do I know which ink cartridge is compatible with my self-inking stamp?

To determine the compatible ink cartridge for your self-inking stamp, refer to the stamp model number or product documentation. Each stamp model has specific ink cartridge options. If you're unsure, our customer support team can assist you in finding the appropriate ink cartridge for your stamp.

Do you offer various color options?

Yes, our replacement inks and stamp pads are available in a range of colors. Choose from classic options like black, blue, or red, or explore other vibrant colors depending on the specific product. Check the product details or contact our customer support for color availability.

Are the stamp accessories environmentally friendly?

We pride ourselves on offering stamp accessories that are environmentally friendly. Our ink formulations are made with consideration for eco-friendly practices, such as using water-based inks and non-toxic materials. Additionally, we encourage recycling and responsible disposal of empty ink cartridges or packaging materials. We are committed to minimizing our environmental impact and promoting sustainability.

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