Authenticate legal documents, and add an element of professionalism to official paperwork

Corporate Seals

Make a lasting impression of professionalism and authenticity with our high-quality corporate seals. Essential for businesses, organizations, and legal entities, our corporate seals add a touch of elegance and legitimacy to important contracts and documents. Available in several different models, each one is crafted with precision and attention to detail.

Embossing seals – evoke tradition and formality. They are the universally accepted standard on all forms of legal documentation, and create a raised impression. Available in two models – the “Ideal” seal, which can be used as both a desk and hand held embosser, and the “Mark Maker” seal, with an attractive brass faceplate and lightweight stackable design. 

Self-inking or Pre-inked – convenient and mess-free. Since they create a printed impression, they are the perfect solution for use on documents that need to be faxed or scanned. 

Traditional Rubber Stamp – timeless and economical. When used with a stamp pad, they also create a printed impression on documents for readily faxing or scanning.

Elevate your corporate identity and establish a mark of authenticity with our durable and sophisticated corporate seals, designed for a lifetime of use.

Notary Seals

Notary seals are an essential tool used by notaries public to authenticate and validate documents. Our notary seals provide a visible and official mark that lend credibility to the documents, and act as a deterrent against fraud. The information on the seal typically includes the notary’s name and area of jurisdiction. Available in the same models as our corporate seals, the embossing style notary seal is the universally accepted standard. 

Logo Seals

Make a memorable and professional impression with our logo seals. Designed for businesses, organizations, or individuals, logo seals combine the power of branding with the authenticity of a traditional seal. Whether you want to elevate your correspondence, enhance your product packaging, or create a unique mark for your promotional materials, logo seals ensure that your brand is represented with distinction and sophistication. Our logo seals create a raised impression, and are built using a heavy duty embossing frame to withstand frequent use while making countless impressions with consistency and clarity. In conjunction with a logo seal our gold foil starburst seals add a distinctive visual element representing quality and excellence, to provide additional impact on awards, certificates, or other official documents.

Frequently Asked QuestionsSeals

Can you add a logo to my corporate seal?

If you require a corporate seal for use on legal documents, the seal must only contain your company name in full as it appears on your certificate of incorporation, and “corporate seal” in the centre. We would be happy to produce a logo seal for your branding purposes, but it cannot be used in place of a corporate seal on legal contracts and documents.

What information is included on a notary seal?

Notary seals typically include the notary’s name, area of jurisdiction, and “notary public” in the centre.

Is there a standard size and layout for corporate and notary seals?

Yes, the size, design, and layout are standard for corporate and notary seals. This ensures that they are consistent, and approved for use on all legal documents.

What information can I include on my logo seal?

Logo seals can contain your logo, custom design, wording, graphics, initials, a special font – the possibilities are endless. We will work closely with you to ensure that your final design captures the essence of your brand.

What kind of paper can I use my logo seal on?

Logo seals can be used on different types of paper. However it is important to let us know what type of paper you will be using so that we can engrave the graphics to an appropriate depth to create an optimum impression.

How should I store my seal?

Embossing seals should be stored at room temperature. Subjecting them to extreme heat or cold temperatures could cause the dies to shift out of alignment, in which case the seal will no longer make an impression.

How long does it take to produce my seal?

Standard turnaround time on corporate and notary seals is one day. Rush service is also available for urgent requests. The lead time on logo seals is approximately two to three days.

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