Date Stamps

Versatile, easy to use, and ergonomically designed, for accurate documentation management

Our efficient and versatile date stamps are the perfect solution for keeping track of dates and organizing your documents with ease. Daters combine the functionality of a stamp with a built-in date mechanism, allowing you to effortlessly mark dates on various materials. Available in self-inking and traditional rubber stamp versions, with dates only or in combination with other wording, our date stamps offer endless versatility. Whether you’re receiving, paying, authorizing, or certifying, date stamps are an indispensable tool for offices, businesses, professionals, and individuals.

Key Features

  • Self-inking or Traditional Rubber Stamps: Our daters are available in both self-inking versions (with choice of color), or traditional rubber stamp versions for use with a stamp pad (available in several color choices). 
  • Date and Text Combinations: Our daters feature an adjustable date mechanism, allowing you to set the date effortlessly. In addition to the date many models also offer the option to include custom text, logos, or borders, providing enhanced versatility for your stamping needs.
  • Clear and Legible Impressions: The high-quality rubber die and precise date mechanism ensure crisp and legible impressions with every use. The date characters are well-defined and easy to read, making it convenient to track and reference important dates.
  • Durability and Longevity: Crafted from sturdy materials, our date stamps are built to withstand high volume use. The robust construction ensures reliable performance and extends the lifespan of the stamp, allowing you to rely on it for an extended period.
  • Efficient and Time-Saving: With the convenient date adjustment mechanism, our date stamps enable quick and accurate date marking, saving you valuable time. Whether you need to stamp mail, documents, invoices, logs, or other materials, daters streamline your workflow.
  • Specialty Configurations: Our date stamps can be customized to accommodate different languages and date formats, such as ISO. 

Frequently Asked QuestionsDate Stamps

How do I adjust the date on a dater stamp?

Adjusting the date on a dater stamp is simple and intuitive. Date stamps have rotating bands or wheels with numbers and/or letters. Rotate the bands to set the desired date and lock them into place. Follow the instructions provided with your specific model for precise guidance. (Add link to You tube video “changing dates on dater stamps”)

Can I customize the text on a dater stamp?

Many date stamp models offer customization options for adding text alongside the date. You can include custom phrases, company information, reference numbers, logos, or other wording, based on the size of the unit you have selected.

Can I replace the ink pad in a dater stamp?

Yes, self-inking date stamp models allow for ink pad replacement. When the impression begins to fade, you can replace the built-in pad, or add refill ink to the existing pad, to continue using your dater indefinitely. (Add link to You tube video “Changing and refilling ink pads”)

How many years are on a date stamp?

The number of years on a date stamp varies by model, but most daters contain 8 to 10 years.

Do you have stock date stamps that are available off the shelf?

Yes, we have both self-inking and traditional rubber stamp daters in stock available for purchase. Date stamps with customized text can be fabricated in one day. 

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