Site Signs & Safety Signs

From project identification to safety warnings, these signs are the cornerstone of a safe and compliant worksite

Effective site and safety signage is essential for creating a safe and well-organized worksite. These signs play a vital role in alerting employees and visitors to potential hazards, guiding them through emergency procedures, and ensuring that safety protocols are followed. By clearly marking areas where caution is necessary, danger is present, or personal protective equipment (PPE) is required, this signage helps to prevent accidents and injuries, safeguarding the well-being of everyone onsite. 

Site signs and safety signs are a crucial element at construction sites, real estate developments, industrial facilities, and other jobsites. They serve as constant visual reminders to maintain compliance with health and safety regulations, as well as to demonstrate a company’s commitment in providing a culture of health and safety. Site signs also provide essential information about the project to the public, and to those working onsite.

Our site and safety signage is crafted from durable materials to withstand weather conditions, and features clear, universally recognized symbols and graphics to ensure maximum visibility and comprehension. We offer a diverse selection of both standard and custom-designed signage including construction site safety signs, project signs, directional signs, permit signs, informational signs, regulatory signage, as well as muster point, site contact, caution, and warning signs. All of our site and safety signs are fully customizable, and can be enhanced by adding your corporate logo, colors, and other branding elements. 

Our experienced team will help you incorporate effective site and safety signs that are easily seen and understood, communicate their message without ambiguity, and provide specific, actionable information tailored to your unique environment. 

Frequently Asked QuestionsSite Signs & Safety Signs

Can you customize site and safety signs to meet specific requirements?

Yes, absolutely. We understand that every project and business has unique needs, which is why our site and safety signs are fully customizable. You can choose from a variety of materials, sizes, colors, and designs to ensure that your signage aligns perfectly with your branding and messaging requirements. 

What materials are used for your site and safety signage?

Our site and safety signs are fabricated from UV-stable materials designed to withstand harsh environments and ensure long-lasting durability. We utilize materials such as aluminum, crezone, coroplast, and PVC, as well as high performance standard and reflective vinyls to create signage that is highly visible, weather-resistant, and compliant with industry regulations.

What are some commonly used types of site and safety signs?

Common types of site and safety signs include project signs (containing information about the project such as project name and description, developer and owner, contractor and subcontractors, project start and completion dates, etc.), warning signs (indicating potential hazards such as “High Voltage”), mandatory signs (specifying specific actions that must be taken such as “PPE Requirements”), prohibition signs (indicating actions that are not allowed such as “No Smoking”), emergency information signs (providing information on emergency equipment, first aid, etc.), and safety instruction signs (offering guidelines and instructions for safe operations such as “Use Handrails”).

How can I ensure my site and safety signage is effective?

There are a number of ways to ensure that your site and safety signs are effective. These include using clear and concise language and symbols, placing your signs in visible and relevant locations, using appropriate colors and fonts for readability, and regularly inspecting and maintaining your signs.

How do I determine where to place site and safety signs?

Site and safety signs should be placed at strategic locations where they are most needed and can be easily seen. This includes areas where hazards are present, near safety equipment, at entrances and exits, and along pathways. Signs should be at eye level and in a position where they are not obstructed by other objects. 

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