Parking Lot Signs

Essential in maintaining order and preventing unauthorized parking

Effective parking lot signage offers a multitude of benefits including improved traffic flow, enhanced safety, optimized space utilization, and increased accessibility.

Parking lot signs play a crucial role in enhancing safety, accessibility, and organization in parking facilities of all sizes. Clear and visible signage helps drivers navigate the parking area safely, locate available parking spaces, and understand parking regulations and restrictions. By providing clear directional cues, informational messages, and regulatory guidance, our parking lot signs help reduce confusion, minimize accidents, and create a more orderly and efficient parking environment for drivers and pedestrians alike.

Because every parking lot and facility is unique, we offer both standard and custom-designed parking signage to meet your specific needs while conforming to local bylaw requirements. Whether you’re looking for no parking signs, signs for reserved parking spaces or loading zones, accessible parking signs, or regulatory signs, we have the expertise and capabilities to create parking sign solutions that are highly visible and convey the necessary information effectively.

Our parking lot signage is available in a wide range of materials, finishes, and various mounting options including post mount and wall mount. Our post mount options allow for installation into ground, concrete, and asphalt. All of our parking lot signage can be fully customized to include your logo, branding colors, and unique messaging.

Frequently Asked QuestionsParking Lot Signs

What types of parking lot signs do you offer?

We offer a complete range of parking lot signage solutions to suit various needs and applications. These include signs for no parking, reserved or visitor parking, accessible parking, fire lane, directional, as well as speed limit, pedestrian crossing, and stop or yield signs.

Do your parking signs conform to bylaw regulations?

Yes, our parking signs comply with local bylaw regulations. These regulations dictate the size, color, wording, and placement of the signs, reducing the likelihood of illegal parking, congestion, and accidents.

Do you have any standard parking signs in stock, for walk-in purchase?

Yes, we stock City of Edmonton bylaw compliant parking signs readily available for purchase. We also stock a full range of posts and hardware.

What types of posts do you offer for mounting parking lot signage?

We offer several different mounting options for parking lot signage. These include steel U-channel posts, impact recovery (flexible) posts, surface mount bases, chain link fence hardware, and more. Our team will assist you in choosing the ideal mounting option for your specific application.

Do you install parking lot signage?

Yes, our dedicated team of installers has considerable expertise with installing parking lot signage. Whether you require one individual sign, or signage for an entire parking facility, we can install your signage as well as provide you with recommendations for optimum placement.

Do you require Alberta One Call for installing parking lot signage?

Yes, signs being installed into the ground will require underground utility locates. This service is not required for surface mounted signage.

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