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Establish connections and create a welcoming environment

Name tags are an indispensable tool for businesses as they promote professionalism, communication, and brand consistency. By visibly displaying employee names and positions, name tags facilitate introductions and interactions, fostering a welcoming atmosphere and enhancing customer service. Additionally, personalized name tags with company logos reinforce brand identity and promote a cohesive corporate image.

At Royal Stamp, we specialize in creating high quality name tags that leave a lasting impression. Crafted from durable materials, our name tags withstand daily wear and tear while maintaining a polished appearance. We offer completely customizable options including size, shape, colors, font, graphics, and logos. Our state of the art equipment enables precise and intricate designs to be produced with unparalleled accuracy. 

With various attachment choices such as magnetic, pin-on, and clip-on, our name tags provide both convenience and flexibility. Our heavy duty magnetic fasteners ensure easy and secure placement on all types of attire. Our pin-on fasteners are strong while still being gentle on clothing. And our clip-on fasteners swivel to allow the name tag to rotate freely, making it easier for the wearer to adjust the tag for optimal visibility. 

Ideal for use in corporate offices, banks, educational institutions, and medical facilities, as well as retail settings and conferences, our name tags serve as a powerful tool to make a positive first impression and represent your business’s identity with excellence.

Frequently Asked QuestionsName Tags

Is there a minimum order quantity for name tags?

No, there is no minimum order quantity. We can readily fabricate a single name tag, as well as large volume orders.

How long do name tags take to produce?

Our standard turnaround time is 5 business days, but we can also accommodate rush orders for urgent requests. Large volume orders may require a longer lead time.

Can I customize the layout and design on my name tags?

Absolutely! We understand the importance of personalization. You can customize the layout, font style, size, as well as include your logo to create a branded look.

How durable are your name tags?

Our name tags are extremely durable. We use scratch resistant materials, and the graphics can be permanently etched into or printed onto the material.

What materials are available for name tags?

We carry a variety of metals such as aluminum and brass, along with plastics in a multitude of colors and finishes.

Can I order name tags in different sizes and shapes?

Certainly! In addition to the most commonly used sizes, we also offer a wide array of sizes and customizable shapes to best suit your unique requirements.

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