Versatile, economical, and easy to use, for a multitude of applications

Stencils are reusable templates used to mark, label, or brand items such as machinery, tools, containers, pallets, concrete, and asphalt. They provide a cost effective solution that can be produced quickly, ideal for time sensitive projects.

We produce customizable stencils in a wide variety of materials, each designed to meet your specific requirements. Our stencils can be fabricated from mylar, puckboard, brass, aluminum, and magnetic sheeting, and can be produced at any size.

We also offer a large selection of stock products including brass interlocking stencil sets, and stencil accessories such as rollers, pads, and inks.

Frequently Asked QuestionsStencils

Does Royal Stamp have a minimum order quantity for stencils?

Royal Stamp does not have a minimum order quantity. We produce single stencils, as well as large volume orders.

Are Royal Stamp's stencils reusable?

Yes, all of Royal Stamp's stencils can be used multiple times. For long term use we recommend using the puckboard, metal, or magnetic options. 

Can Royal Stamp's stencils be used for both interior and exterior applications?

Yes, Royal Stamp's stencils are suitable for both interior and exterior applications. All of our materials are UV stable, and our stencil inks are weatherproof.

Can the content on Royal Stamp's stencils be customized?

Yes, Royal Stamp's stencils can be customized to include logos, text, graphics, as well as special fonts. 

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