Security Seals

Safeguard valuable assets and shipments

Security seals are effective tools for deterring and detecting unauthorized access, theft, or tampering. Ideal for securing valves, hatches, utility meters, storage cabinets, and shipping containers, security seals are easy to install and remain extremely secure once in place.

We offer a wide range of security products including wire seals, cargo seals, padlock seals, spooled wire, and seal presses.

Our seal presses can be purchased blank, or customized with initials or numbers.

Frequently Asked QuestionsSecurity Seals

Are security seals a stock item for Royal Stamp?

Royal Stamp maintains an inventory of wire seals, seal presses, and spooled wire for immediate shipping. Seal presses can be customized within 48 hours.

Are security seals truly secure?

Yes, once the seal is installed it will show evidence of tampering or vandalism. Seals must be cut in order to be removed.

Are security seals easy to use?

Yes, all types of security seals are designed for ease of use.

Are security seals weatherproof?

Yes, all styles of security seals are suitable for exterior use and will withstand harsh conditions.

Can security seals be customized?

Yes, cargo and padlock seals can be customized with name and/or consecutive numbers and are available in various sizes and colors.

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